Frequently Asked Questions
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How much does membership cost?
Membership for UCL Guild and its five associated societies is free. We suggest joining all five societies for unrestricted entrance to all the best career-related events on campus.
Where do I find the membership?
You can get the membershiphon the UCL Students' Union website.
I am not a UCL student anymore, can I still attend events?
Yes, you are very welcome to attend any events hosted by the UCL Guild. However, you will not be able to apply for mentorship, and you can’t vote in our general elections.
Where can I find Guild committee alumni?
UCL Guild strongly values its committee alumni, and hopes you’ll be part of our growing family. If interested in connecting with both new and old UCL Guild committee members. Access our network here:
Becoming part of the committee
How do I join the UCL Guild committee?
UCL Guild looks for ambitious, eager, and outstanding students to take part in our team every year. Our Annual General Meetings (AGM) take place at the end of Term 2 - the process to become presidents/treasurers/heads depends on the Student Union’s guidelines, but one way to aid your consideration involves getting your membership early.
I’m a first year student. Can I still join?
If you’re a first year student, our application process runs through October. As part of the application, you will have to submit your CV and a letter of motivation. For certain applicants there will also be.
How do I stay up to date on UCL Guild events?
You can stay informed on upcoming events through following our social media and follow our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram