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Our Committee
Anastasiia Rudkovska
UCL Guild President
John Lonergan
VP and Treasurer
Finance Division
Sherman Lim
Finance Officer
Events Division
Costanza Fisogni
Head of Events
Edison Tsang
Events Executive
Marketing Division
Qianyi Lu
Head of Marketing and Communications
Ruth Lyv
Art and Design Executive
Astrid Wihman
Communications Executive
Outreach Division
Ismail Benchekroun
Head of Outreach
Bernice Ng
Outreach Executive
Jan Ortonowski
Outreach Executive
Sponsorship Division
Ekatherina Demidova
Head of Sponsorship
Jeremy Jebanesan
Sponsorship Executive
Xuyi Wang
Sponsorship Executive
Notable Alumni
Usama Yusuf
Guild Co-Founder. Currently Investment Banking Analyst at Citi.

As a co-founder of the society, I strongly believe that there are three areas where the UCL Guild predominantly stands out. For one, its access to sponsors is unmatched, providing you multiple opportunities - across the academic year - to engage with a wide range of companies putting your applications in excellent shape. Secondly, the Guild provides an amazing opportunity for you - both within the Guild and across its 5 member societies - to meet and network with like-minded students and committee members, who are the future leaders of tomorrow. Finally, the access to events and exploration of careers paths - whether it’s business, entrepreneurship, banking, technology or consultancy - is unparalleled and of the highest quality, allowing you to explore whatever interests you may have.

The UCL Guild has given many of my peers and I the platform to be able to secure graduate roles across a variety of industries, at some of the world's largest institutions; I encourage you all, with the strongest of the words possible, to become members and engage with the unrivalled opportunities it provides.

Notable Alumni
Anna Zarotiadou
Current Chairwoman, Formerly President and Sponsorship Executive of UCL Guild. Incoming Investment Banking Analyst at Barclays

"The UCL Guild to me is the manifestation of how amazing things people can do when they unite. It’s not merely a community of UCL’s brightest and finest; it’s a family within which you can develop meaningful relationships with like-minded people while building skills that will set you apart.

As a member, the conferences, networking and speaker events initiated me into the industry; the mentorship schemes, competitions and workshops guaranteed me a career. As a committee member of what became the UK’s largest partnership, I had my most rewarding UCL experience; never before have I had so much fun or made so many friends while testing my interpersonal skills and resilience – both super useful in a career.

Getting involved with Guild broadens your career horizons and makes you realise your unexplored potential. Every event is designed to help you grow and forge your desired career path (except for those designed to help you have fun). Then, you’ll get opportunities to share your experience and have unmeasurable impact.

Hope to meet you all at UCL Guild Alumni events!"

Notable Alumni
Manuel Hurtado
Current Chairman and Former President of UCL Data Science Society. Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley.

“Far beyond a society, the UCL Guild stands as UCL’s most powerful professional launchpad for aspiring, like-minded, and driven students across disciplines.

In the modern workplace, a stellar academic curriculum is valuable, but not enough. More than ever before, career success calls upon a background that is rich in its diversity of knowledge, network, and thought

Weaving together the prowess of 5 different societies specialized in finance, business, entrepreneurship, and data science, the UCL Guild offers its students an unparalleled platform to develop cross-disciplinary skillsets through events, competitions, workshops, and networking sessions tailored to each of these fields. All while building a network of equally passionate students from a variety of backgrounds, with whom you will enrich your network and spark fascinating conversations that develop your worldview.

Having enjoyed this exhilarating experience myself, I would encourage you all to join the UCL Guild and continue driving your future forward.”